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Welcome to the official website of "C++ Programming and numerical methods" book. This book, is one of the most comprehensive masterpieces of modern C++ programming in Persian, notably for practical uses. The preliminary version is about 700 pages, well versed by years of experiences of authors in programming and teaching. This project, has started since 2008, and still continues.

This book now is publicly released on this website, which is a property of the Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) for advancement of education, science and technology. All the next versions will be published on this website.  



This book is released under Creative Commons license,  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. All due rights are reserved for the authors.

- Any commercial uses is strictly prohibited.

- Redistribution of this book for non-commercial educational purposes, is free and encouraged.

- The redistribution of this book is only allowed "as it is".



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1.00 14MB  
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  • Danial Khashabi
  • Mohammad Motamedi
  • Shiva Navabi 
PDF (rar) First revision which is modified by authors
1.01 14MB   Example 9 chapter 1 Maryam Farahani PDF (rar)  
1.02 14MB   Chapter 0, Preface and index revised Rahil Soroush Mozhdehi PDF(rar)  
1.03 14MB   Chapter 1 and 2 revised Maryam Farahani PDF (rar)  
1.04 14 MB   Chapter 1 revised Rahil Soroush Mozhdehi PDF (rar)  
1.05 14MB   Chapter 0,1 revised Hanieh Ramezanpour
Mohsen Shabani
PDF (rar)  
1.06 14MB   Chapter 2 revised Rahil Soroush Mozhdehi PDF (rar)  
1.07 14MB   Chapter 1 revised Negar Zabetian PDF (rar)  
1.08     Chapter 2 Revised Fatameh Soltani PDF  
1.09     Chapter 3 Revised Maryam Dodangeh PDF  
1.10     Chapter 0-6 Revised Mojtaba Yeganejou PDF  
1.11     Chapter 9 Revised Narges Ahmadipanah PDF  
1.12 14 MB   Chapter 9 Revised Rahil Soroush Mozhdehi PDF  
1.13 14 MB   Front Cover Nasri PDF  
1.14 14MB     Paniz Foshat    
1.15 14MB     Mohsen Shabani    
1.16 14MB     Rosan Chardoli    
1.17 14MB     Shahabi    
1.18 14MB     Mohammad NezhadMohmmad    
1.19 14MB     Tabatabaee    
1.20 14MB     Rahil Soroush Mozhdehi    
1.21 14MB     Narges Ahmadipanah PDF